MBR process

MBR treatment plants – state-of-the-art technology

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) treatment plants are particularly suitable for industrial wastewater with a high organic load. The degradation of organic pollutants is performed using enzymatic hydrolysis and biological oxidation, the process is carried out by bacterial populations aggregated into different sized flocs. We design MBR treatment plants that almost completely remove suspended solids and bacteria from the effluent, offering the possibility for the wastewater to be recycled and therefore contributing to water savings.

The layout of an MBR membrane plant is flexible

Given the modular nature of the MBR system, the plant’s layout is versatile. It is suited to new plants and to the upgrading of existing treatment plants, where it enables their capacity to be increased. Its modularity facilitates its use for future volume variations or changes in the nature of the effluent to be treated. The ability to manipulate the sizing of the MBR plant allows the technology to be applied in many sectors. The MBR system can be integrated into existing plants, even in the form of skids to be connected to the existing biological plant.


Submerged or external membrane bioreactors

The MBR system combines a traditional activated sludge biological process with the membrane separation process, which replaces the secondary settler. Membrane bioreactors are classified into submerged membrane layouts, where the membranes are in direct contact with the wastewater, and external membrane layouts, where the membranes are outside the aeration tank. The tangential or cross flow filtration system is present in both types.


MBR treatment plants

We have built more than 220 MBR treatment plants

MBR plants can have very different purposes and uses, from the pharmaceutical industry to the agri-food industry, from the treatment of landfill leachate to third-party wastewater treatment platforms, as well as the treatment of municipal wastewater. We supply treatment plants with external membrane technology and automatic cleaning (CIP) with polymeric or ceramic tubular membranes, with submerged membrane bioreactor technology with MF UF flat sheets or floating hollow fibre. Our treatment plants can be supplied as pre-assembled compact skid-type or containerised units and are ready to operate. We design, build and install MBR plants in Italy and around the world.

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