Activated sludge process

Activated sludge treatment plant

At we design and build activated sludge treatment plants. The process replicates a natural biological mechanism and combined with several stages, or with other filtration methods, it offers excellent treatment, even for the most difficult effluent. The active sludge process is the most widely used in traditional treatment systems, there are multiple applications of this treatment system in the civil and industrial sector.

Operation of an activated sludge treatment plant

The process created in an activated sludge treatment plant harnesses the metabolic action of the biomass (microorganisms) that utilises the organic substances and oxygen in the effluent for its action and reproduction. As a result, colonies of bacteria are formed into flocs that are eliminated in the subsequent settling stage. If anoxic or anaerobic reactors are used, the flocs are kept in suspension with mixers, in aerated reactors this is achieved using air insufflation.


Layout of an activated sludge treatment plant

An activated sludge plant consists of a reaction tank (aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic) where the wastewater comes into contact with the bacterial biomass. The resulting mixture leaving the tank moves to settling, where the flocs of activated sludge separate from the treated liquid. The treated effluent is drained from the top of the tank, part of the activated sludge is recycled back into the process and part is disposed of (surplus sludge). The size of the activated sludge plant depends on the flow rate and the characteristics and type of wastewater, also considering the space available.


Activated sludge plant

Applications of the activated sludge treatment process

The activated sludge treatment process can be used in numerous applications to treat both municipal and industrial wastewater. Activated sludge plants are used in the agri-food sector, in the textile sector and in tanning and pharmaceutical industries as well as for many other applications. Activated sludge technology is also applicable to agriculture and animal husbandry. We equip our plants with surplus sludge dewatering systems such as screw press, decanter and filter press.

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