Third-party wastewater treatment

Third-party industrial wastewater treatment

From design to construction, we provide all the necessary support to companies interested in wastewater or primary or secondary water treatment, including third-party treatment. Our technicians can advise on the specific regulations and authorisations required so that the plants always meet high standards.

Analysis and design to create flexible, high-performance plants

Third-party disposal of waste is a special area of waste treatment, which requires a detailed analysis of future customers of the company interested in building a water treatment plant.


Technology at the service of wastewater treatment plants

All the technologies developed by over decades of experience are also applicable to plants for third-party wastewater treatment. We also build containerised water treatment systems.


State-of-the-art technology and expert staff

We follow the construction of each plant in every detail

For wastewater treatment, we build plants that utilise membrane (MBR) technology, biological plants that use SBR and SMBR processes or continuous discharge, plants using attached biomass. We provide support as well as routine and non-routine maintenance.

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