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With global renewed interest in environmental issues, wastewater treatment is of paramount importance.
And this is where Ser.Eco. Depurazione Acque comes in.

We started out life as a service company mainly providing consulting services and producing designs in the wastewater and raw water treatment field, and quickly expanded our expertise with orders for "turnkey" plants.

In addition to civil wastewater systems - in both the public and private sector - we offer our services in the design, construction and operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants.

To "size" the systems correctly, we have produced numerous pilot plants, using various technologies and different engineering configurations.

This experience, combined with results achieved in the operation of the full-scale plants produced, has led to considerable success and earned us recognition as a leader in the design and construction of MBR systems.




ISO 9001

SGS Italia S.p.A. declares that the Ser.Eco. Depurazione Acque Management System meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001

SGS Italia S.p.A. declares that the Ser.Eco. Depurazione Acque Management System meets the requirements of standard ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001

DNV declares that the Ser.Eco. Depurazione Acque Management System meets the requirements of standard OHSAS 18001:2007


CQOP (Italian organization tasked with certifying that companies are qualified to perform public works) declares that the Ser.Eco. Depurazione Acque has been awarded the relevant SOA OS22 V and OS30 II certificate

Biological systems

  • Continuous-flow process typically used by large-scale public plants treating sewage or industrial waste streams with low organic loads but high flow rates.
  • SBR process (Sequencing Batch Reactor) ideal for both civil and industrial batch waste streams with variable pollutant loads but at relatively modest rates.
  • MBR process (Membrane Bio Reactor), particularly good for industrial high-strength waste streams, modular and flexible. This process is a prime candidate for upgrading existing systems.
  • SMBR process, this is an MBR system developed with the same sort of phases as the SBR process, but with continuous discharge.
  • UASB process (Up-flow Anaerobic Surge Blanket), this is an anaerobic process (pre-treatment) to be used on waste streams with high concentrations of readily biodegradable compounds and is thus suitable in food and agricultural, confectionery and alcoholic beverage industries. Where used, the production of biogas results in improved financial operation of the treatment process.

Chemical-physical systems

  • Flotation process typically used for waste streams with a particularly high load of suspended solids and fats or oily substances in general.
  • Metal removal process using chemical precipitation, operating in continuous or batch mode.
  • AOP process (Advanced Oxidation Process) particularly suitable for waste streams with a high "biorefractory" organic load, calling for an improved BOD5/COD ratio, such as landfill leachate, digestate and olive mill wastewater.
  • Evaporation process generally used in treating waste streams containing substances that cannot be otherwise treated and/or dissolved salts.
  • Alkaline grease removal process, purification of metal preparation baths prior to galvanizing or oily emulsions, for reuse in the production cycle.

Other areas of business:

  • Ultrafiltration - nanofiltration - reverse osmosis process to be carried out as a polishing process following use of other treatment processes or in order to meet relevant effluent or raw water quality parameters.
  • Filtration processes using sand and/or carbon for polishing effluent or as a treatment for other processes/purposes.
  • Filtration processes with selective resins used where there is a need to "treat" specific substances/compounds.
  • Tertiary polishing treatments following biological or chemical-physical treatment by means of filtration.
  • Screening
  • Lifting
  • Iron separation and disinfection process applied to eliminate iron-manganese and ammonia, typically found in well water and subsequent treatment of suspended solids and disinfection in order to obtain process water and/or water suitable for human consumption.
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